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Thursday, December 30, 2010 @ Thursday, December 30, 2010 | Leave a comment?

helo, miss you :)

been offlined for almost a couple of days, jahaha. yes, having fight again. yayaya, with them XD
happy? no, i`m not. so you want to know the whole story? 
Ah, no you cant. its just not that easy. 


well, new year's coming and i want to celebrate it with you. :) its almost a year since i know them. and 7 years since i went to the same school with fishie, kan fishie? :) you are my longest friend in tht school, you know. you know me well. i know. haaa and thts why i love you more tha anyone else. thanks fishie. we are forever. promise me :DD
 and as for tama, when i saw him at the bowling centre for the first time, he's such an innocent quiet guy. okay, first sight huh. haaha. sekali nyaaaa. tuuuuuuuuuut. censored XD ups, sorry tama. hahaha. dont worry, you'd changed my life a lot since i know ya. hehe. i regret  sm so damn lucky. (haha regret) jk jk.

shy, mai and others are awesome. thank you, guys. 
whatever it is :) i want you to know, tht i will never forget my friend. either the old ones or the new ones. never :) if i do, then please dont call me with the name of Maya . :OO

i love them. all of them :) 


i dont know if this gonna be my last update for this year. lol.

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