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Friday, January 28, 2011 @ Friday, January 28, 2011 | Leave a comment?


*pimple sucks*

at last. holidays are around the corner. :3 yay! but the homeworks too, arent frget us. never. ever. you know what. i have tons of h/w to be done before the holidays end. gila kan. pffft. this is not a great holidays after all. every subject! arh, gila banar. =3=

we got 'merentas desa' just now. luckily i wasnt in. haha. well, as a member of PBSM, i successfully escaped myself to join the run. yay for me! oh , and fishie and aena too. yay OwO . Perdana won and i dont know what ranking Wira is. hahaha, but still. We are the best! ohya, congratulations too, to my darling :DD yes i heard some rumours, saying tht amar is actually at the 2nd place agter shy's brother, ajim. but, entahlah. little kid can cheat, so do the teen. right? nvm, i know he had try his best :] lovelove. as for tama, pity youuu. you supposed to be there, with us. all of us. with fishie and big bro. arhh. we missed you. please come back soon with some ole-ole for me. haha. 

mmm February is coming. wew. the time passed quickly without me realising it. ayy. or maybe i didnt even care about the time or else. you know what, lately i had absolutely no time to rest. okay, so i have this little problem with a friend. i like him, yes, i do like him. as a friend. as a brother. not more than that. but he. he ruined the thought. he ruined our friendship. afraid to admit it, but. yes, i do blame him. :/ why he must have such feelings toward me? i mean, we are best friends. buddies. but, now? now what? nothing. everything changed. i treated him like a no one. and he's begging for mercy. please. tell me how to solve this bullshit as soon as possible. i miss the old us. :| or maybe, this is the best way. dilemma.


i have the instinct. my holidays are going to be the sucks one. thank you. lols.

p/s : contact me if you want to hang out with me. :D

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