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Monday, February 28, 2011 @ Monday, February 28, 2011 | Leave a comment?

Hai ;D

Monday is a day which i hate most. Too many books to bring, too many homeworks to passed up. Too many too many :3. lol. okay. stop crapping.

its been awhile i didnt update my bloggie, yeah? wuuuuu. 

''What a bad owner'', said the blog. LOL

sorry, blog. Frgive for abandoning you. oh my, it is so out of my control. ahh not lying :| frgive me? ;D


Its the end of the Feb, and March is coming soon. wuuu. what a month. hoho. Next week is the exam's week. Imma die. -__- lol . i havent studied yet and my parents will keep nagging me until the SPM is over. lawls. nvm. been used to it. i have a pair of thick ears. so, dont worry ;D right? 

so i have these some......fancy..but not so fancy story to tell ya. ;D 
its about my homeworks and the teachers. i wonder why the teachers are reaaaaaaally obsessed giving us this and that, asking us to finish this and tht page, and whatsoever lahh. wew. well, if they give us this too much homeworks to do, they too, will trouble themselves. ticking up our papers, do correction.. lol. okay, nvm ;D i know they just doing their job. =_= who do i think i am? nagging about the elder's stuffs. rude, teddie. lol.

oh ya, almost forgetting, this week gonna be a 'sukantara' week. urgh. how i hate sports. i dont care what others think about me, but still. I HATEEEEEEEEEEEEhatehatehate sports =w= (but sometimes it is fun too) wtf lol.


well i guess , imma stop here. i will update more soon. or later, or soon. MAYBE =w= hoho. i am a goodie goodie girl do i will do some revisions for the upcoming exams. chalooo bete ;DDD ! take care, loves!

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