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Byebye hols..
Sunday, March 20, 2011 @ Sunday, March 20, 2011 | Leave a comment?

D: soooo school is coming soon. Might be busy and busy and busy with studies, homeworks, activities, etc etc. Yea yeah, enough with holidays eh? pheu. 

Okay, so I have some stuffs here to share with you. 

Things that I didnt have time to do during the holidays :

  • hanging out with my friends (really frustrated with this.)
  • meet my fiance, Shyerah Daud. (MOST frustrating thing in the world)
Things that I have time to do, but refuse to do. (wtf =.=)

=.= well , you see.. mm, I was kinda lazy to do my homeworks. Although its the only homeworks that we got, BM, 7 essays. 6 paraghraph, with long sentences. =.= like what the fudge. 

Teacher, that was.. Irritating.




This is quite deppressing. I didn't think someone could be this bad at gaming. I suck shit at DDT. How could anyone get 0 ==" Even if they just started. This is very depressing.

But meh I shall practise and practice shall make perfect. hopefully.

I woke up late today. 9am something. Ate breakfast then went UK. haha. Crowded much. IDK what UK have there but the people..urgh.. =w=' lunch at Chicken Rice.. saw the SMSL's students. They are going back today. Bye, guys. Have fun ei. Hor hor. Okok, sooo blablabla, my life going on at the town..

Sorry to those that send me messages, or call me, I didnt reply, didnt answer the calls.. i didnt even bother my handphone, cz it already dead. Sucks. I really need a new handphone right now. T_T hey rich guy/girl, you look so cool today. buy me one Y^Y. Puhleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. urgh. iphone is enough :p


Ohkay, I gotta go. Going to take my bath, and try to finish my homeworks. Goodluck, Ted. Yes. 


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