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Tuesday, March 15, 2011 @ Tuesday, March 15, 2011 | Leave a comment?

hai hai hai :3

mmm, there are some rumours about the facebook stuffs and what-so-ever la. facebook's gonna shut down. awww, for real? sheish, i dont really care :3 ohoho. maybe its a good thing for us. think so. no facebook-ing during the exams, no spamming things anymore... wuuu  , its a good thing act. so dont worry :D so, teachers, u dont have to worry anymore cz all ur student will stop wasting their time in facebook and starts to concentrate during ur class and yeahhh! do the homeworks! xD ( nehh, we will find other social webbies beside facebook) nyohohohoh. 

tama asked me to update my blog. so, i update. tama, wishes come true! LOL. He did ask me to update my blog before, at times, if i aint mistaken. but, i am too lazy. yehh u know me, aintcha? :p 

been soooooooo busy with the sch lately. luckily its holiday! wuuu, bahagianya aku ;DD i take part in the Nasyid. hahahaha. yeh, cant believe it myself, u knw. =w= then lulan asked me to take part in the lantern competition too. wuu, how is it going to be? i hope it doesnt affect my studies. (dah la aku ni lembab, kalau ketinggalan, lg la = =)


a day of vacation in KK is quite fun for me, really ! no doubt. my leg hurt, fever, flu.. just because of one thing. one and only. SHOPPING. ftw! i went to three malls in a day. with car? hell no. i used my pair of legs. luckily i still can walk like a human =-= (wth)


today i went to the sch, nasyid's prac. there were only one.. two.. three.. four.. yeahhh, FOUR of the members. the others are not come back from their kampung yet. so, fai, fyka, alai and me got two seniors with us (yaya and her friends, idk what's her name), which are also the composer and the trainer. cool, aite? ;DD uhh, i loooove yaya's voice. :3 i envy you, yaya. hoho. well, act i had captured some pics using fai's nikon but, well she hadnt upload them yet. i'll post them later, k? (i'll steal them later, k? LOL)

damn the facebook. 7 minutes to go and i'll laugh evilly in front of the screne watching you rip off. bhoahahahahahaa. mati la kau, fb =-= (muka penuh kebencian)

okok, ill update more soon. take care ppl.


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