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Sunday, April 3, 2011 @ Sunday, April 03, 2011 | Leave a comment?

Hi. c:

Its 15 minutes to go. And I havent feel sleepy yet. Oh why why why? :O
Idk. I just didnt feel sleepy at all. Ahhh enough with the craps eh. Nhehe.

So I skip the addmath's extra class.. yes, I didnt go. I`m too buzy lazy for that. lol. xD Oh I hope she didnt ask me about tht. Sorry, teacher. Sorry for being lazy. My bad T_T 

Not going anywhere today, just went to my neighbour's son's birthday. Ohhh, he's two years old and such a fuckin cute lil baby :DDD ! You should see his rabbit teeth. tehehe. Cuuuteeeeee. Like me, lol. (duh)
Ensem tu kau nnti besar. hihi. 

Biebie bought me a snowcap. Brown ;3 . yayyyy! Thanks biebie! I love youuuu.


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