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I did not change. I just grew up..
Wednesday, June 1, 2011 @ Wednesday, June 01, 2011 | Leave a comment?


Hi, people :3

Today was awesome. I didnt go anywhere, just stayed at home and relax LIKE A BOSS. ^w^
Oooh June, please be nice to me, will ya? & thanks May for the wonderful memories there. :)

June's wishlist:

  • Healthy and happy life.
  • Good achievements.
  • A stronger friendship.
  • New phone.
Thats all, I think. hihi.

So, today... Ehemm. So today, imma post about someone that really means a lot to me. 

And, the someone is... 

Tama buntal! OHOHOHOHOHO oh oh.

Thanks, TAMA. Thanks for being such a great company to me.
Thanks for everything la. XD 
Thanks juga sebab selalu cari pasal sama Teddie. Without you, my life is nothing.
Ecehhh. Banar ni. Hihi. Thanks for cheering me up everyday. ;D

Love you, Tama Tama Tama :DDD 
God bless you. Amin :)
&&, You're the BEST!


Aaaaa. Mau tau something, I miss my friends so much :( 
Especially, Yg 4 org tu, then, Shy, Mai, Classmates, rindu ei.

Mai, if you're reading this, MAI MINTAPUJI. I miss you! 


To Shyerah Daud sayang, I hope we can meet you on Friday. I miss you a lot!

So, thats all for now. Bye, amigossssss :D

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