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sky's the limit but i love you..
Tuesday, July 12, 2011 @ Tuesday, July 12, 2011 | Leave a comment?

Hi, noobies :3 

currently eating cadbury. thanks dad :3 . you're the best. muahmuah.
Well, as we all know, i was chosen for PLKN. :D congratulations, Teddie. *oh, thank you* hehe.
 I hope i will get the first session. >w< so that I can fix my black face before I go to IPT. Insya-Allah. 

So today I brought 'nasi + ayam masak kicap' to school. Luckily, he woked me up. HAHAHA. Kalau tidak, sure. sure kul 5 pun aku belum bangun. LOL. thank you, amour :3


pernah ka kamu rasa.. mcm kena stalk ni hari-hari. Dia tau kamu pakai kereta apa, selalu pigi mana, mana rumah kamu, padahal dia online pal jak. Tidak pernah pun jumpa depan-depan. Pernah? Haishhh. Aku takut ni tau. Hahahahaha. Wth. He knows everything about me. Well, almost la. I was like... =.='' who the hell is he? How did he knew that? Aiyoooo. =.=

Fufufufufufu. Nda pa lah. Forget it. =w=V

But then suddenly he said that he loves me = = wtf =w=ttt

Ehhh, ffffffffufufufufufu. Stfu.

eh gotta go, buddies. House chores to do. Hehehehe. Bye, beautiful!

 *gambar teda motif, kbye. hahaha.*

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