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Sunday, September 18, 2011 @ Sunday, September 18, 2011 | Leave a comment?

Hi :3

So, its exam week. =w= trial trial trial
*gosh i'm dead*

I just finished my English, BM, Maths and Perdagangan tests this week. The title we got for English Paper 2 is quite boring. Trust me. I chose Question no.4. Narrative essay. Well, I wrote craps. HAHA. Who cares aite.  =w= oh btw, wanna know something? Miumiu wrote about me in her essay. Ihihihihi. She's a big fan of mine. XD thanks, miumiu. Although you're short, I still love you as much as you do. No worries ;3 

History is on Monday. My God T_T this is killing me. I'm dead. Classmates, please send my warmest regards to Cikgu Azah. Say to her that imma miss her, lol. 

Mmmkay, so Dad is currently at Sandakan. I miss you, Dad. Always. Dont worry, I'll look after Mum and Fatty. I'll make sure they have good meals everyday and get fatter and fatter. AHAHAHAHA. Biar kamu semua gumuk. =w= wtf. 

My grandma is in the house. Hihi. How I miss her. Good meals everyday. Uhhh, thanks nek. Love you. 


I went to the Bintang Remaja contest yesterday at Labuan Walk. Yes, yes. I'm supporting Salwani Sawi :3 and guess what? She's in! She's one of the finalist! Well done, girl ;) 

=w= stop looking at my hairrrrrrrrr. =-= lol. kbye.

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