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Hi, pepol  people ♥ teeehehehe :3 miss meeeeee? uuyess, of course you do.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *shrieking* oh okay *pokerface*

Whaaat a week. A week of gaining fats eh? LOL

  • Thursday: Mazri's open house
  • Friday: celebrated Raya with my hilarious classmates
  • Saturday: Farhana's open house 

see see seeeee? -_- imma be fatter. ;p
I went to Science's extra class and guess what? There's only FIVE of us. 5 out of 26. Impressive, aite? But the best thing i wanna tell you is, there's only THREE of us, (fai, nyna and me) walking like mad to Far's house. ( and now my backache is getting worst, grrrreat. ) Dayyum =w=' oh, not forgotten, thanks to Fai for the meowmeow's stickers. They look good at my ipod x3 . Lovechuuuu. Ehe.

Talking about backache, nothing can beat the backache i got from ' The Journey to Mazri's Home '. lol. Sakit palui. =_=  now i wonder how does he can walk that far (house to school, school to house) everyday. EVERYDAY. At first i was excited, but then, i was like.. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? =_= btw, Mazri, thanks for inviting us! We love you :D so here's some pictures. Credits to Matt the Giraffe @ Eggman.

ni manusia, aku x tau kenapa kalau bergambar, terus sihat. haha

 comel kan? haha


x x x 

Dad gonna leave us soon. A week to go. Hey, dad. PLease take care and WE LOVE YOU ALWAYS.
You are the best dad ever.

loves, xoxo

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