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Saturday, October 8, 2011 @ Saturday, October 08, 2011 | Leave a comment?

Hi, creatures.♥

Happy October everyone ;) October, please be nice to me kay?

Been very busy lately. :/ we just finished the first trial and currently having the second trial. Guess what? My results are... AWEful. oh please. -_- I failed my ADDMATHS. Again and again. Lordddddd IDK what did I ate until I cant get good marks for it. You're such a great sinner, Addmath. IHATEYOU.SO.DAMN.MUCH.FOREVER. =_______= urgh. I dont need you in my life. T_T


what else... well well well.. IDK lah why there's a sort of people that loveeee to brag about stupid stuffs. Let me give you a simple example. So there's a boy in my class.. he always, always try to impress us with his so-expensive-branded things. And today he brought his new cell-phone to school. My other classmates were all like.. O_O and ♥_♥ . I asked him whether he just bought it or no, and i got this unbelievable answer from him.

'' eee. Jangan kasi malu, okay. Ni handphone lama aku lah. ''

I was like.. 'reaaaaally? so why did the phone had no scratches and its memory card is still fresh, has no files? ''

=w= whatever boy, i just dont give a damn with your fucking attitude.

All you need is...

not the love. All you need is a hi-5 at ur face.

I guess thats all for now. Will update more soon! XD

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