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Saturday, I love you..
Saturday, January 14, 2012 @ Saturday, January 14, 2012 | Leave a comment?


Saturday at last. Phew. Its been awhile, right? 9 days working there. =_= How was it? Uhmm. I'm too speechless to share it with you. A strict boss, awesome Ira, and a 'slow-mo' driver. Hahaha. Seriously.. -.-

Admin Personnel. Quite okay. Not bad. But, seriously. Now I know what it feels like working in a busy company like A. Hartrodt is. T____T I hope I can survive in the company for these three months. The salary is the reason. 

So, c'mon guys! Say it with me aite? Strong Teddie! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa T-T Strong, strong Teddie we got here. .Urgh. TwT Mommmmmm. Get me outta here! Wuuuwuuwuuu. ( Well, if she reads this, she will definitely say NO. She's the one who asked me to take the job seriously. I'm still 17, Mom. T-T )


Here is for the one that I love. Darling, trust and time. :)

Iloveyou! :3

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