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Assalamualaikum, hi!

Well, its me again! Its been awhile eh? I'm backkkkkk =w= Ohya ohya. I know, darlings. Imissyoutoo. HEHEHEHEHEHEHE *forever alone*

Ugh I'm not sure of which topic I should start first -_- K nvm. I'll start with the SPM results first. The results was on 21st of March. All I can did during the night before was just counting the hours, waiting for my results. I have no targets for SPM. I swear. I didn't expect much from it. HAHAH well maybe its because I'm not a goodie goodie at the school and I always always always care about my beauty sleep more than my homeworks. Cool aite? I know. HEHE. So, back to the topic, guys. I thank God for everything. Allah knows best. I got 6A's in SPM, alhamdulillah. That was really, really, I mean, super unexpectable. -_- 

So here I wanna thank to all my beloved ones, that always support and love me. ESEH. Ada meh orang love kau. LOL. Mkayy. Thanks to mummy and ayah. Thanks to both of you. You are the greatest parents alive. Trust me, folks. XD Not forgotten, my teachers. Thank you so much and I'm sorry for being lazy but I can't control myself. I'm proud of having this laziness as my major habit. Next, to my friends. My classmates, bestfriends. Semualah. Thanks for teaching me. I know I might be annoying to all of you, but the truth is, I was trying to cheer you up and blow out your stress. Too bad it turn out to be annoying. -_- Lastly I wanna thank everybody for the pray and supports. Iloveyou, creatures.


Fuh fuh fuh. This is tiring. -_- Okay. Ehmm. I'll quit my job on 16th of March. Why? One of the reason is, I'm lazy to wake up early in the morning and pick up the phone calls and blahblah blah blah kick ur neighbour's ass. -_- pffft. Yes, I'm lazy. Ojyeah. Congratulations Tedd. 


People change within time. I know. I'm okay c: Well, not really. But I'm sure I'll be okay soon. Oh btw, I'm sad. That's all. May God bless her, always.

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