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Friday, December 28, 2012 @ Friday, December 28, 2012 | Leave a comment?

Hi. Hehe.

Smile even you're in pain. In shaa Allah. I will always try my best to smile and be happy as long as i can.

Today, everyone keep asking me whether I am okay or not. They, my closest ones, knew my story. But it's hard for them to believe that I wasnt okay today. Why? Haha, seriously people. -_- Do I have to mourn and cry myself out to show you what is inside my heart? No aight? :3

Well.. I think what I feel now is just.. numb. Honestly, no doubt.

I believe that my trouble now is just temporary, in shaa Allah. Allah will hear us and He will answer our prayer, remember?

Not to boast anything, but..

I'm strong.

Allah, family, unbiological siblings and friends are my strength. I put trust on Allah in everything I do and what will happen after that cause Allah, will always give the best for the ummah. ^^

So, today I went out with my bestfriends since I was in primary school. Hanis and Kode.


He loves us. Kan Hanis? Hahaha.

Annoying kode covered our faces. Such an annoying creature. -_- 

Since its been awhile Hanis and me have met, we spent most of our time today exchanging stories. It was a relief, a total relief to know that I am not the one who get the problem here. Hanis too, but we promised to each other that we're gonna be strong from now on. 


Oh yes, you've gotta take a look at this! 

Nuna and I held a mini belated surprise birthday party for the cutest person on the earth, Fishie! I was the main actress while Nuna is the one who bought and prepare things as well. It was kinda hard for me to distract Fishie from looking at Nuna while she's busy with the cake and things. Luckily it was a success. XD if only Tama was there. Happy birthday dear Fishie! We love you. Stay healthy and cute. :3

oh, and this too! 

Have you read that? Haha. He accompanied me till morning. I dont know but he always got that instinct, whenever I have problem  and such on. I considered that as a gift, perhaps? Hehehe. 

Not fogotten, my dear room mate, Cynthia. You've worked hard, darling. No worries, cause you have the toughest SuperTedd ever here! Thank you.

Appreciate all the little things. Assalamualaikum, take care people!

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