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I am so friendly that I can get along with almost of strangers I'd just met.



Its almost July, isn't it?

Counting.. and counting.. and keep, counting. Its almost two months since I left LMC.

I miss them. I want to go back. Sometimes I dreamt waking up in a small room with four people in it. Sometimes I dreamt going to classes with Puna, rushing to get into the lift. Sometimes I dreamt the laughter and screaming voices of my classmates.

I guess I was lucky back then to have such awesome memories with them.

I miss you guys. I miss you. 

Do you still remember the first time we met?
Let us start with Jujue.

As I entered the room, 'D.T1.19', I got this so called butterflies in my tummy. *hihihi* :3
The only person I saw in the room was a girl with headphones.
''She must be a 'dusun'.'' I wonder.

Next was a girl with hijab. 
''Hi! Dira.'' with a smile on her face.

Days by days, we became closer. These girls always take care of me when I was sick. Made me laugh like a mad woman. Did all the craziest things together with me. Thank you Dira and Jujue, for making my days in LMC bright and colourful.

We really spent a lot of memories together, didn't we?

I still remember,
that day, we were asked to gather at the field.
I was quite nervous, thinking who will be my classmates for this whole year.
The first person I talked to is a girl with cute eyes. They're big, and shining. Hahaha. So, there we goes.
She introduced herself as Fynas. But now I rather choose to call her Puna.
The longer I be with her, the more I know about this girl. We really have a lot of similarities. One of them is anime. We love anime. Yeap.

Next is Teah. The first time I knew her, I always thought she's funny. She really is. She's cute and her jokes are always hilarious.

I love you, girls. I really do.


I miss A2T23.

I'll treasure these memories.

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