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Sunday, October 13, 2013 @ Sunday, October 13, 2013 | Leave a comment?

its been a month, right?

i still remember, it was in the evening, i cried,
knowing i have to be apart from my family.

although it is for my own good. my sake.

i am so happy i get to know a lot of new friends here.
though not all of them can be considered as 'friends'.


these are my girls which always brighten up my days here. i owe them big thanks. 

few days ago we went out together with these two dudes, 
sorry for mentally harassing both of you, boys. we just too good on bullying lol

oh and for your information (tho i know nobody give a damn bout this lol) i join the Theatre club, no no, we are more into a family. yep, that's better. ohh i know theatre and the picture have nothing common but yeah, hohooh who cares. its my blog so its up to me =w=

some of the pictures i took while waiting for the boys to pick us up. you know i love taking random pictures :3

honestly, the wifi connection here is quite sucks, that is why i rarely update it here.

p/s: shh keep this as our secret alright

i miss you mom, dad, adik, uncle, unbiological siblings, and my friends at Labuan. 
i'll be back on January alright. 

i hope you'll wait for me
do not stop missing me okay?

because the feeling of being missed is the best one ever.
*rolling on the bed* 
:3 jyaa ne

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