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Friday, February 28, 2014 @ Friday, February 28, 2014 | Leave a comment?

assalamualaikum (and hi)

a lot of things happened to me recently. idk how to explain (well its always like that) but it is either negative or positive, i just dont know.

okay let me starts this

since my application to enter UMS has been approved by them (UMS), they asked me to ask my current university for a 'surat pelepasan' and some other documents. okay i did prepare the other documents but not 'surat pelepasan'. okay to be honest i had been asking them (at the office) for it -- for 3 days; non-stop. i tried my best but what they gave me is just a 'borang penarikan diri' that had been signed and approved by the dean and others.

 oh and one more thing,
there is one staff at 'unit bendahari' here, a lady, with glasses, quite tall and not that skinny well whatever
idk what's hier problem with me but when i was in the office (unit bendahari) to pay the fee for this sem, she kept saying rude things to me like -

''abang saye nak bayar yuran, saye nak tarik diri''

and i was like i just dont know ur effin problem old lady

and now my registration at UMS has been postponed to Semptember (because of that damn surat pelepasan) which is a long way to go.

me is sad. bye.

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